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We are the first company to bring together like-minded individuals in the sex doll community. Our events are designed to provide a safe and inclusive space for sex doll enthusiasts to connect and share their passion for this unique art form. 

In the realm of sexuality, intimacy, and companionship, there's often been a veil of silence due to societal taboos. These topics have been whispered about cautiously for ages but, as our world evolves, so do our attitudes.

In the UK and USA, recent years have seen a notable shift in how we view different social interactions, intimacy, companionship, and modern relationships and our events are hosted at high-end venues as well as private members club across the globe. Intrigued? Why not get in touch?

Our Services

Networking Events

Connect with like-minded individuals in a safe and welcoming environment

Customised Sex Dolls

Create your dream  doll with our sex doll customisation/creation services


Community Support

Access resources and support to enhance your experience as a sex doll enthusiast

Bespoke Events

You indulge, we create.

Bespoke sex doll party experiences turning your dreams to reality


Shifting the Acceptance of Sex Dolls

Thanks to ground-breaking advancements in quality and technology within the sex doll industry, countless lives have been positively impacted. These dolls are helping combat loneliness and reshaping our understanding of modern intimacy. What was once considered taboo is now being embraced more openly. Sex Dolls Parties will continue to spearhead the positive change and acceptance required to bridge that gap in today's society. 

Yet, despite this progress, many feel confined to experiencing their relationships with sex dolls solely within the privacy of their homes. It's time to change that perception. Sex doll owners should feel empowered to take their relationships beyond the walls of their residences. Our events and services are geared to advise and support that transition into the wider world.

That's where our sex doll parties come in. They provide a safe, non-judgmental, and inclusive space for socialising and celebrating with fellow sex doll owners. At these events, your sex doll is respected and treated as your genuine partner. It's an opportunity to step out confidently with your companion and connect with others with similar experiences and interests. A sex doll party breaks down any previous barriers of anxiety and embarrassment faced when expressing your dedication to your synthetic lover.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of events do you organise?

We organise themed parties, workshops, and discussions to facilitate networking and socialisation within the sex doll community.

Can I customise the appearance and features of my doll?

Yes, we offer customised doll creation services to bring your dream doll to life. Our team will work with you to design and personalise a doll that suits your preferences and desires.

How can I get involved in the community?

You can get involved by attending our events, joining our online forums, and accessing our counseling and resources for support and guidance.

“Attending a Sex Dolls Party event was an incredible experience. I met so many wonderful people who share my interests, and the atmosphere was welcoming and fun. I can't wait for the next event!”

Sean Gibson

Contact us

Get in touch with us to learn more. Our events are exclusive and you need to pre-register your interest as we wan to keep the integrity, safety and privacy of our community. 


Sex Dolls Parties
Wimbledon, England, United Kingdom

About us

At Sex Dolls Parties, we are dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive community for sex doll enthusiasts. Our mission is to provide opportunities for connection, creativity, and personal growth within this unique subculture.

We welcome individuals from all backgrounds and aim to break down stigmas and misconceptions surrounding sex doll ownership and our events are hosted in the UK, USA, Netherlands, Japan and many other countries.