Choosing The Best Sex Doll For Your Current Lifestyle

Published on 23 April 2024 at 13:13

The sex doll market is estimated to be a 30 billion-dollar industry. Catering to a growing community of sex doll lovers and enthusiasts means manufacturers have to think about how they can complement the lifestyles of millions of people globally.

Sex dolls provide a diverse range of options in shapes, materials, and sizes. As a first-time buyer, the vast landscape of doll types can make it an overwhelming world of options. Sex Dolls Parties understand that people ultilise dolls for various personal needs and lifestyles. Making the right choice is crucial, considering that sex dolls are recognised potentially as ideal romantic lovers for millions of adults. Many first-time buyers feel purchasing a "love doll" is an important emotional and financial investment. The most important starting point when choosing a sex doll is what purpose it holds in your life. Which ultimately progresses into your lifestyle.

Identifying Your Purpose For Owning A Sex Doll

A popular misconception suggests that the sole purpose behind purchasing sex dolls is for sexual gratification. Non-sex doll owners automatically assume people only want to have sex with these dolls. While a percentage of people do, that does not accurately represent the diverse demographic of owners who utilise them for many purposes regarding their lifestyle. Many people buy dolls as a source of companionship. Some people purchase dolls to help them deal with a relationship breakdown. Others purchase them because they have experienced the death of a partner. The significance of a doll could be as important as somebody regaining a lost lifestyle or finding a level of happiness they never thought could be obtained again. People and lifestyles change over time but buyers should focus on the main reason for owning one.

Over time they may find new ways to incorporate the doll into their lifestyle. If you have a high sex drive as a singleton or even within a relationship, a doll can meet your sexual needs on demand. Some couples are even considering the introduction of a doll into their sex lives. The main thought consideration is how a doll can not just fit into your lifestyle but IMPROVE it. Many people like to utilise dolls for photography and art. So the needs and requirements span a diverse spectrum.


The Perfect Doll For The Perfect Fit

People have preferences when it comes to who they find attractive. This can span race, physique, body shape, height, weight, hair colour, and eye colour. For people purchasing female sex dolls bust size (cleavage) can be an important factor. Some people prefer super busty ladies (DD and above) while others prefer less busty. People will nearly always use this mindset and approach to what dolls they find attractive. Exactly matching the look of your dream romantic partner to a doll is the desired outcome for all. Here are important areas people consider as a perfect fit for them:

Realism - How realistic do you want your doll to be? The more realistic the higher the cost. For the most realism, sex robots are the best bet as they utilise a wide range of expert AI and robotics technology. You may consider purchasing a top-of-the-range doll from a leading manufacturer like Real Doll 


  • Robustness - How many times will you be using your doll for sexual experiences/intimacy? How flexible, durable, and robust will your doll be? These are key questions you need to consider regarding the maintenance and upkeep of your sex doll.  Time and expense are important things to consider regarding your lifestyle and circumstances
  • Practicality - Can your deal fulfil all your needs for your lifestyle and companionship desires? Can it be easily transportable if you wish to travel with it somewhere? How easy is it to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your doll? How heavy will your doll be? Realism does carry practicality. On the flip side, realism heightens the experience of intimacy/interaction between you and your synthetic partner. Weigh up the pros and cons before you purchase.
  • Routine/Lifestyle - Are you a busy city professional with restricted leisure time? Are you an overworked factory worker who treasures your downtime? Are you a shy and reserved singleton who finds it hard to meet new people? Are you a bi-curious lady who does not feel comfortable going to LGBTQ-friendly bars/pubs/events? Our needs become our routine and our routine becomes our lifestyle.
  • Fantasies - We all have fantasies regarding human interactions and relationships. They range within a spectrum of hobbies/interests to companionship and sexual fantasies.


Can You Afford To Buy A Sex Doll?

In the UK realistic/ultra-realistic sex dolls range from £700 - £2500. Sex robots range from £3500 - £6000. The most advanced sex robots range from £42,000 - £65,000. People weigh up the necessity for a product/service in their life with their financial circumstances. However, there are just some things people can not live without and they make sensible financial sacrifices to incorporate these things into their lives/lifestyles.

Fortunately, many sex doll manufacturers/retailers in the UK and worldwide provide affordable payment plans. These range from 2-12 months, are interest-free, can help build your credit rating and the length of the plan can be flexible. Does your doll purchase include a free second head? Is the first head replaceable? Is there realistic body painting? Are there free eye colour options? How much does body heating cost? Is it a ball-jointed hand skeleton? Is there a breathing system? Does your doll have a lubricant-free vagina?


The Long-Term Maintenance And Care Of Your Doll

As the saying goes "time is money" and you will need to spend time and money ensuring your doll is well cared for. Our Sex Doll Maintenance Consultants can provide expert one-on-one advice and tips on how to keep your doll in tip-top condition. We offer the best sex doll cleaners if you are not confident enough in your cleaning skills. The better you look after your doll, the longer it will be in quality condition.


Ethical and Social Considerations

Beyond the practicalities of choosing a sex doll that best suits your lifestyle, we believe you should be aware of the ethical and social considerations involved. From navigating the societal stigma to ensuring the most ethical manufacturing practices, our sex doll customisation team is on hand to guide you through the process (via fixed-priced options with no hidden costs).

Sex Dolls Parties believe the stigma of owning sex dolls must come to an end. We want to empower the current generation of sex doll users to embrace and explore avenues that were once not thought possible. We also want to empower a generation of new sex doll owners. Our company values the following as the pillar of our ethics:


  • Consent and Objectification: All relationships should be built upon the importance of consent and respect for one another in all aspects. We do our best to ensure every company we work with/feature abides by all laws and regulations. We promote that the creation, purchase, and use of the sex doll are consensual and do not contribute to the objectification or dehumanization of individuals, particularly women.
  • Impact on Relationships: Helping people navigate the potential impact of owning a sex doll on all relationships in their lives. Many doll owners struggle to approach the topic with romantic partners and friends. How to effectively address any concerns or specific boundaries with friends, partners, or loved ones is an important topic that requires expert guidance.
  • Addressing/Combatting Stigma: We recognise that challenging societal stigma still exists regarding incorporating a sex doll into your lifestyle. We advocate for increased acceptance and more understanding within communities on a local and global scale.
  • Responsible and Fair Labour Practices: We believe in more investigation into the labour practices and working conditions of the companies involved in sex doll manufacturing. Especially in countries that have proven to have the unfairest and unethical labour practices for doll manufacturing. We want to guide doll buyers to companies with the best ethical sourcing and production standards.
  • Environmental Impact: We deeply care about the current/future environmental impact sex doll production and disposal has on the planet/humankind. Companies in all walks of life must do their utmost to deliver sustainable alternatives. They must also adhere to the most responsible disposal methods.
  • Child Protection: This is very close to our heart. We want to ensure that sex dolls are not marketed or used in a way that could normalize or encourage harmful behaviours toward children or minors. Many companies sadly work with manufacturers that produce dolls that pedophiles can utilise. There should be no gray areas. Companies that install technologies in dolls that pedophiles can potentially utilise must face heavy fines/penalties/closer monitoring.  
  • Cultural Sensitivity: We believe it is important to understand/respect the cultural sensitivities and beliefs regarding sexuality and the use of sex dolls in all communities. We acknowledge that in particularly diverse and multicultural societies, sex doll ownership is seen as taboo and even forbidden. How to approach the most important talking points and the best ways to provide information respectfully and educationally is key to bridging the gap of understanding/acceptance.
  • Regulatory Compliance: We support and feature sex doll manufacturers/retailers who adhere to all laws, and regulations, governing the production/sale/use of sex dolls. We pay close attention, to age restrictions and consent regarding doll products/companies/information we feature.
  • Emotional Wellbeing: We believe it is paramount to consider the potential psychological and emotional impact of owning and interacting with a sex doll. We feature a wide spectrum of organisations for people seeking support or counseling if needed.
  • Privacy and Data Security: We believe all sex doll owners have the right to privacy when enquiring about/ purchasing a doll and attending sex doll parties. We always adhere to using the most secure payment methods, while always safeguarding personal information.


Your needs and habits become your routine; your routine becomes your lifestyle. We can advise on the best sex doll for your lifestyle via our sex doll customisation services.

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