Increase In Popularity Of Sex Dolls In The UK

Published on 23 April 2024 at 17:47

Discover the latest revelation in American bedrooms: a recent study by BedBible unveils surprising statistics on sex doll ownership. But what about across the pond? While the UK lacks recent data, a 2017 study hinted at a thriving sex toy market, with approximately 3 million Brits indulging. As curiosity mounts, could 2024 be the year we uncover the truth about British sex doll ownership? Read on and find out!

The latest statistics in the USA regarding sex doll ownership are interesting. A company called BedBible ( conducted a study (of 3000 participants) of sex doll ownership in the USA. The study concluded that 9.7% of men own a sex doll and 6.1% of women own a sex doll. That is nearly 1 in to men. thus, equating to millions of guys who own a sex doll, as well as millions of women. This begs the question... Is there an increase in the popularity of sex dolls in the UK? There have not been any conclusive recent studies on sex doll ownership in the UK.

There was one study reported in the Daily Express conducted in 2017 and commissioned by Mr & Mrs Toy - The award-winning makers of O-WAND®. They surveyed both men and women about their ownership of sex toys and approximately 3 million Brits are said to own one (or more). So the question needs to be asked... Out of 3 million British sex toy owners, what percentage own a sex doll? Who knows for 2024, but a detailed study may be conducted later this year.

However, with the rise of online articles about UK sex doll businesses and their reporting of rapid increase in sales over the past 5 years, there certainly is a buzz around sex dolls in the UK.


Other key findings from that US-led study were:

  • The current US market for sex dolls (in 2024) is estimated to be more than 1.2 billion dollars
  • 47.6% of doll owners utilise their sex dolls for foreplay
  • The global market for sex dolls is estimated to be more than 3.2 billion dollars
  • The average age of a man who owns a sex doll is between 30 - 50 years old


Many UK sex doll retailers have reported massive increases in revenue and sales of their sex doll products. Some businesses started selling only a couple of dolls per month and are now selling thousands. So UK's sex doll businesses are reporting a massive increase in popularity by their record increase in monthly sales.


Exploring Reasons Behind the Surge in Sex Doll Sales In The UK

What was the catalyst for the increased popularity of sex dolls in the UK? The first factor that has to be considered is availability, with a rise in sex doll companies in the UK, there has to be a rise in the availability and also the choice of dolls/doll accessories and many Brits may have felt uneasy ordering a doll from overseas. Dealing with a UK-based company gives people additional peace of mind and also additional confidence in the quality of the doll.  UK-based companies would find it advantageous to source the highest quality of dolls if they care about their customer, reputation, and the longevity of their sex doll business.


The global COVID-19 pandemic created a series of lockdowns where human contact and interaction were limited and often prohibited. It is scientifically proven that humans need human interaction. The global pandemic saw the repercussions of the absence of human interaction on the mental wellbeing of many, this led to many adults not being able to experience any sexual contact with others, including partners whom they did not cohabit with. We all have sexual needs and Covid-19 meant people had to think outside the box when the strictest of lockdown laws and guidelines were set in place. Buying an ultra-realistic sex doll meant people could substitute human interaction and also sexual interaction with a doll. Virtual communication kept people sane to a certain extent but people still lacked physical touch and intimacy.

Another reason to explore the increase in popularity of sex dolls in the UK is the increase in popularity of the virtual world. The metaverse has grown in popularity where people can create an avatar of themselves and live in a virtual world. they find social interactions easier. So can this translate into the mindset of sex doll owners? Maybe they discover it is easier to interact with a synthetic, ultra-realistic doll than a human being. They may find interacting with a doll reduces their stress and anxiety levels. They will never face judgment or rejection from a doll. UK doll owners have 24/7 anonymity and can easily interact with their synthetic partners discreetly behind closed doors.


Over the past 5 years, there has been a notable increase in how people self-identify. Your identity helps you navigate society and all interactions within it. Sexual identity has been a huge talking point in UK society over the past decade. Many UK residents will purchase a sex doll to explore their curiosity about a change in their sexual preferences. A doll can also help people with a high sex drive. They can engage in sexual activity with a doll as many times as they want. Thus, increasing happiness in their personal sex lives.


Shifting Perceptions of Sex Dolls in British Society

There has been a shift in the perception of sex dolls in British society., all you have to do is search the internet for anything sex doll-related in the UK. You will discover many sex doll enthusiast websites/online communities. More documentaries have been aired on how people are more open to talking about and sharing their experiences with sex dolls. There is less of a taboo when it comes to sexuality, sexual preferences, intimacy, and relationships in the UK in 2024. There will always be societal, cultural, and religious factors in the UK that treat this subject as taboo. However, there has been a noticeable positive shift in the UK towards sex toys/dolls. Many couples who experiment with sex toys to spice up things in the bedroom are now incorporating sex dolls into the mix.


Improved Technology In The Sex Doll Industry

When technology makes huge advances it often acts as a catalyst.  Technological advances in any product encourage individuals to re-evaluate their relationship with it. There used to be a day when sex dolls were simply novelty plastic unrealistic depictions of humans and today, with advances in materials, innovation, AI and technology, people are drawn to the lifelike resemblance of sex dolls on the current market. Additional realism is a catalyst for people to step away from reality and many people utilise ultra-realistic sex dolls for escapism.

The modern world is fraught with problems, instability, and danger. Many people become reclusive and lonely, they lack the companionship they desire to have in their hearts. Modern society has reduced people to anxiety and depression on a massive scale. Loneliness is at an all-time high in the UK in 2024 and technology may be the answer to help combat many of these things.


Many factors including the COVID-19 pandemic, increased awareness due to TV/Media, changes in attitudes to relationships/sexuality, and advances in technologies have led to the increased popularity of ultra-realistic sex dolls in the UK. Meanwhile we are here to support the community, bringing people (and their dolls) together. Party time!

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