Dining Out with a Sex Doll

Published on 24 April 2024 at 13:22

Can you bring your love doll on a date night? With love doll ownership on the rise (estimates suggest tens of thousands in the UK alone!), the question of dining out with your synthetic partner is a curious one. We'll delve into the legalities, social norms, and public decency laws that might affect your romantic dinner for two (or rather, one and a half). Is it a recipe for public embarrassment, or a chance to redefine companionship?


In countries where sex doll ownership is allowed, there is one unanswered question: Is dining out with a sex doll possible? Is it seen as a societal taboo for somebody to dine at a restaurant in the company of their love doll/synthetic partner? For all intents and purposes of this article the term "sex doll" will be referred to as "love doll" (and/or) "synthetic partner in the context of dining out.  
It is reasonable to presume that many sex doll owners wanting to dine out will use that term when making a booking at a restaurant. However, there is room for people to dine out with their sex doll, but public decency laws will come into play and there will not be many restaurants who would cater for that as they have strict policies in attire and decency for all diners.
It is estimated (there have been various studies carried out in the USA) that nearly 1 in 10 men in the USA own a sex doll and 6.1 % of women in the USA are said to own a sex doll. In the UK there have not been any noted studies on sex doll ownership. However, it is estimated that 3 million Brits own sex toys. So it can be presumed, as an educated guess, that tens of thousands of sex doll owners in the UK. Reports of sales from UK retailers and membership to online doll enthusiasts' sites certainly back those numbers. Many doll owners form strong emotional and romantic bonds with their sex dolls and we think that number is a reasonable presumption.
Are There Any Doll-Friendly Restaurants In The UK or USA?
Certainly, on the Internet, there are no instances, articles, or restaurants indicating that adult doll-friendly, sex doll-friendly, or love doll-friendly restaurants exist. So it begs the question: Are love/sex doll owners discriminated against or do doll owners need to start a campaign? Here are some important questions worth considering:
  • Do doll owners need to spread awareness in the public sphere on the need for doll-friendly dining spaces?
  • Do sex dolls and love dolls online communities need to talk more about this? Do doll owners need to be more proactive in making this an important talking point?
  • Is the taboo of adult doll ownership making owners reluctant to inquire about doll friendliness when dining out?
  • Do restaurants see the benefit in raising awareness?
  • Would restaurants earn more revenue for accommodating dolls and their owners to dine together at their restaurants?
  • Are restaurants failing to capitalise on connecting with a new demographic of diners?
It rings true in the USA because they have not capatilised on the dining needs of millions of doll owners. Not even in the innovative and liberal environment of Las Vegas has a restaurant or restaurant chain thought about accommodating people dining out with their sex dolls/love dolls. Cafes also need to capatlise on this demographic of new customers as well.
One specially-themed cafe or restaurant in the UK/USA should openly accommodate doll users. Sex Dolls Parties recognise that many doll owners form deep and meaningful relationships with their love dolls. Many doll owners contact us to see if we hold pop-up dining/fine dining events for them and there is a real need especially for the most affluent doll owners. They want to experience fine dining with their love/sex doll.
It can be challenging for adult doll owners to know where to start, or who to approach when looking to dine out with their "synthetic lover". With the possibility of facing stigma and judgment, it is seen as a bridge too far for many. Additionally, the lack of information about doll-friendly dining on the Internet does not help the cause.
Would It Make Sense For Restaurants To Become Doll-Friendly?
If restaurants want to be publicly known for being doll-friendly and actively welcoming doll owners, they would see the benefits of tapping into a new demographic of diners. Increased revenue and increased publicity. They would initially start receiving all the new customers as they would be the only one or one of a few who openly welcome love doll/sex doll owners. It would have to make sense for their business model and fit in line with their current demographic or customers. For example, some restaurants do not allow small children or pets. Some restaurants cater to small children and even pets. So it is down to the business model, the health & safety factors, and how much effort restaurants are willing to promote doll-friendliness.
Are you a restaurant that is considering becoming love doll-friendly? If so, contact our in-house marketing team can spearhead a marketing campaign for you.
There could be hope in the UK, as a sex-themed restaurant in London opened in 2023. MyLondon wrote an online article on a company called Naked Soho who are the first sex-themed restaurants. They have dishes like "foreplay" on their menu and they have also created a space where people can be as free as they like and all are welcome.
Maybe companies like Naked Soho are the future of doll-friendly restaurants in the UK. Thoughts? 

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